Wear Trainers for Any Occasion

Fashion is forever changing. The biggest trend one the fashion world eventually fade away, while shapes and colours briefly banished are destined to make a come back at some point. It means that fashion-lovers are used to going backward, enthusiastically trying out silhouettes and brands that have a nostalgic element. Even so, there’s one recent trend that we’re never, ever going to say goodbye to: Trainers are everywhere, everyday shoes.

What used to be worn only to the gym has bounded out of the depths of the closet and evolved into new shapes and fabrics (and sparkly embellishments!). Let it be known: Sneakers are now acceptable footwear pretty much anywhere, from a polished day at the office to a slinky, sexy night at the bar.

How to wear sneakers…to the office
First: When wearing sneakers to your workplace, the most important rule is that it not be banged-up or dingy. White lace-ups should look as pristine as they did coming out of the box; if not, skip them.

Wear them with cropped trousers or a dress so they’re proudly on display. You’re not trying to sneak them in, hoping no one will notice you’re wearing trainers to the office. Rather, the point is for them to be noticed (and a row of monochromatic roses around the sole doesn’t hurt).

How to wear sneakers…to an event
A proper gym shoe would kill the vibe of an evening-ready dress. Fluid and simple, a classic slip dress needs to be complemented by a shoe that’s equally streamlined. A slip-on skater style is ideal. The finishes are what can make a trainers so perfect here. Rich suede is preferable to canvas, and a super glam fringe crystal back makes for sartorial bonus points.

How to wear sneakers…on a date
Trainers add a sexy-tomboy element to any outfit you’re putting together for date night. Low-rise styles that sit below the ankle bone show the most leg and avoid a clunky look.

An all-white tennis-inspired pair of sneakers is often a go-to, but you can express your personality with a colour or print that stands out from the crowd, like this lightly printed style.

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