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How To Style Patterned Pants

I will be the first to admit it has taken me a while to join the patterned pants crew but better late than never! I have moved past the idea that they are “clown pants” and now I have never looked back, my wardrobe is full of printed pants. They can be found in all shops and I personally love the bold pattern options they have. I have summarised a few key looks, so hopefully one of these outfits screams out to you!

Firstly, I am sure you own at least one denim shirt and since it is neutral, it will match perfectly with almost any printed trousers to create a simple yet stylish look. You can also go for a block colour sleeved blouse, which can be tucked in and finished off with a gorgeous pair of heels particularly for an evening look.

If you are worried that your outfit is not very coordinated, then I suggest making sure your pants match your top. So simply select one colour in your pants and use this as the colour of the top. You can choose another colour for your shoes or jewellery pieces. However, if in doubt, wear the printed trousers with a plain top, for a simple yet fashionable look.

For a more creative and daring look, rather than matching the top and trousers colour exactly, you can add contrasting colours which I have seen so many fashionistas pull off so well. For example, go for a bright blue blouse to add contrast to your light blue and silver jacquard print pants. Now complete this look with neutral accessories to made this outfit look a little more dressier. This looks so chic!

Lastly, I wanted to share with your few of my favourite printed pants. Firstly, floral pants are a classic style especially for summer holidays and look fabulous with neutral and bright coloured blouses. Polka dot trousers are a popular choice and can look rather classy. The best thing is that they can look stylish with all jumpers, shirts and T-shirts so you will never be stuck for choice. Striped pants make a great option if your style is more contemporary and match with everything. So ladies be sure to experiment with the endless printed trouser varieties and don’t be afraid to make that “WOW” statement.

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