The Corduroy Comeback

There are a few trends that are no longer considered cool in the fashion world, but now times are changing. It has long been associated with old geography teacher unofficial uniform, with them sporting corduroy blazer jackets with leather elbow patches. But the time to change is now! Corduroy is making a comeback and we are very excited about it.

New style of corduroy are fitted and chic (yes we said corduroy and chic in the same sentence) and some of the styles are a nod to the 70s, where the corduroy craze first started. Corduroy is now in some amazing form fitting shapes instead of the fuddy duddy fits of old. Fitted corduroy trousers with a flared leg hem are a beautiful thing. Some designers are churning out some amazing interpretations of classic pinafore dresses, which is a welcomed spin on a classic. The colour schemes are as expected. Olive greens, mustards and burnt oranges but some designers have released some amazing pastel shades which gives the look a more current feel. What’s old doesn’t mean a trend can never have a revival and my go corduroy has taken this to the next level.

Whichever angle you decide to attack this new trend, I am sure you find some amazing choices that will suit you down to the ground. You can find almost any style in corduroy, which gives you a lot of options. We love some of the jumpsuits we have seen in corduroy , on the high street. Speak to an older family member to see if they have some hidden styling tips that they used to when they were younger. My mum used to wear A-line corduroy skirts and corduroy bell bottom jeans. Some of her old pictures made me realise just how cool she was and how much I could learn off her when a new trend comes back around.


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