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Spring Trends For Now

We all can have a love/hate relationship with fashion. Sometimes you could just be coming to terms with a new trend and the POOF it can be gone in a puff of smoke. This is why I try to not follows trends by the book and instead try to put my own spin on it. I try and seek out the styles i think are going to be big all season then add other pieces to make it my own. The key to nailing this method is to make sure you using some wardrobe staples like a trench coat or a timeless pair of indigo wash jeans to pull the whole outfit together.

Get the Look


Is there anything more satisfying than stumbling across an outfit, that’s been throw to the back of your wardrobe? This happened to me the other day and I am totally going to wear the outfit again soon. 


5 Dresses to Impress

Summer is here, even if the weather outside would suggest otherwise! This means it’s the start of the season for BBQs, dining al fresco and going out for drinks in the evening. How exciting is that? I mean I love the Spring as it is a sign of a fresh start but I love a good old British Summer (come on sunshine, show your face). This also means you need a bit of a wardrobe shake up. What do most women tend to wear in the Summer? Dresses of course! Here’s a round up of the best dresses to wear in  the Summertime.