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On Ya Bike (Shorts)

The Kardashians have a lot to answer for. They have brought some awful trends to the forefront but sometimes they bring some really interesting styles into the limelight. Kim K seemed to reignite the cycling short craze when she stepped out in a nude coloured pair with Kanye a few months back. If Kim K wears it, street stylers often follow suit. Cycle shorts have also hit the runways and featured heavily in many designers collections. Neon seems to be the new colour of choice for a more casual affair bit of course black is the go to colour for a dressier event.

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Autumn Wedding? We Got You Covered!

Not every wedding is held in the Summertime. Some people prefer to get married as the leaves start to fall from the trees! The most popular month outside June to get married is October. The weather is ofte sunny but there is a freshness in the air. I think it’s very romantic and the best time of year to tie the knot.

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Leaf print: the new floral print?

I know this is hardly a shock but floral prints are normally the go to print for the Spring. I mean, floral is an eternal print that will be around forever, but I am a bit bored of it and would welcome a change as the Spring swings by. If you agree, you may be tempted to try polka dots, stripes, plaid or even animal prints as an alternative to the popular print. But if you’re not quite ready to buck tradition completely, you can still celebrate nature with leaf prints.

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Is there anything more satisfying than stumbling across an outfit, that’s been throw to the back of your wardrobe? This happened to me the other day and I am totally going to wear the outfit again soon. 


5 Dresses to Impress

Summer is here, even if the weather outside would suggest otherwise! This means it’s the start of the season for BBQs, dining al fresco and going out for drinks in the evening. How exciting is that? I mean I love the Spring as it is a sign of a fresh start but I love a good old British Summer (come on sunshine, show your face). This also means you need a bit of a wardrobe shake up. What do most women tend to wear in the Summer? Dresses of course! Here’s a round up of the best dresses to wear in  the Summertime. 


How to Wear: LILAC 

The last time I wore lilac was my eyeshadow before I went out to a under 16’s disco many moons ago. If I remember right, it was glitter and I don’t think I applied it very well. It could bring a hit of nostalgia for all the wrong reason for you guys. It might have been the colour of your grannies cardigan, the colour of your friends bridesmaids dresses that you had to reluctantly wear. 

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