5 Dresses to Impress

Summer is officially here: despite the odd weather we’ve been having the past few days, there is still some sunlight to be seen! And so, with this, comes BBQ’s, cookouts, picnics and just about anything else you can think of. So yes, you’ll need to be prepared to dress at any time in a summer get up so we’ve picked out 5 dresses to impress any time this summer, because all we really need are a few dresses don’t we?

Polka Dots Everywhere

A little reminiscent of the Stepford wives look but an absolute must for the summer. These dresses are fantastic to wear at a Summer wedding. Think an A-line fit dress for that vintage look.

Savannah Prints

Animal prints are always a great go to print for something to catch the eye. Add silk to this ensemble and you’ve got yourself a fantastic look for the Summer time. We love this print in a wrap style dress. Again a great style for a wedding aboard.

Monochrome it out

When all else fails, just monochrome your outfit! Maybe opt for black on white instead of the opposite. We don’t want you to be all dolled up and then your make up start running down your face due to the sweltering heat do we. For simplicity monochrome is definitely the avenue to go down. Stylish and sleek, you will be sure to turn heads,

Sparkle a Little

Anyone worth their salt in the fashion world knows how huge metallic is set to be this Spring/Summer. It has followed on from Autumn/Winter 2017 and is still a very strong look going forward. If you want to make a statement then a metallic dress is the perfect style to wear. Shimmer in the sun and try to incorporate some vibrant colours in too!

Shirt it out

Perfect if you want something a little different for the office, but you still want that smart vibe. We’re pretty sure you’ll be the best dressed in the office with this on.

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