Autumn Wedding? We Got You Covered!

Not every wedding is held in the Summertime. Some people prefer to get married as the leaves start to fall from the trees! The most popular month outside June to get married is October. The weather is ofte sunny but there is a freshness in the air. I think it’s very romantic and the best time of year to tie the knot.

Imagine how beautiful the wedding album would be. Leaves falling in the background and the gorgeous caramel and burnt orange shades everywhere but the question that everyone wants the answer to is what should you wear. Am I going to be freezing sat in the church without a jacket? should I wear a blazer? what colours shall I wear? If you’re worried about these things then why not try out a trouser suit to beat the chill or opt for a dress with long sleeves to keep you a bit warmer. Pretty printed dresses with long sleeves can take on a full Autumn look when teamed up with a pair of classy knee high boots. The perfect ensemble to wear for an Autumn wedding.

We know that dressing for an October wedding can be a daunting task for a lot of you, so we’ve decided to out together a few outfits that will make you stand out amongst the other guests.

1. Say it with spots (and flats)

Style Notes: There aren’t many prints that are more classic than a polka print. Add some puff ball sleeves in there and you’re going to be making a huge statement. This will capture a parisian look and you might give the bride a run for her money.

2. Ensure your dress has sleeves

Style Notes: If you don’t want to cover up your new dress with a blazer or jacket then the key is to make sure your dress has 3/4 sleeves minimum (we’d go for full length sleeves). We’d also keep the hemline to midi length but I would personally go for maxi length.


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