I don’t know about you but I’ve been struggling to find some white boots that I really like. I’ve got a killer floral dress, that looks like its been sent into the future from the 70s, that would look amazing with some knee high white boots.

The weather has been blistering lately but it seems to be getting a bit cooler. This is when the knee highs come into play. I mean you can wear them in Summer, but I guarantee you’ll be sweating buckets. The end of Summer is the perfect time to start to add more coverage as the cold weather can come out of nowhere as the sun sets.

When I looked at many of the different collections that were being sent down the runways, I noticed that white boots were a massive part of those ranges. This means that white boots were obviously going to make their way onto the high street soon after. The thing that worries me about a trend like this is that it’s longevity. The best way to tackle a trend that your not sure about is to invest but not too heavily. Go for some low to mid range priced boots but don’t sacrifice quality.

I managed to find the dream pair for £65 and I think that’s a bit of a bargain. They are knee high and keep my legs warm when i wear a dress and tights. Sometimes I even have to wear thicker leggings once we enter the Autumn. Oh and I finally got to wear my 70s inspired floral dress. The white boots go so well with burnt orange, mustards and shades of brown. I wear a patent, red peacoat over the top to finish the look of nicely. My mum loved the look as it reminded me of how her and her friends used to dress in her younger years. Talk about nailing the trend.

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