Spring Trends For Now

We all can have a love/hate relationship with fashion. Sometimes you could just be coming to terms with a new trend and the POOF it can be gone in a puff of smoke. This is why I try to not follows trends by the book and instead try to put my own spin on it. I try and seek out the styles i think are going to be big all season then add other pieces to make it my own. The key to nailing this method is to make sure you using some wardrobe staples like a trench coat or a timeless pair of indigo wash jeans to pull the whole outfit together.

Although, I have my own ways of doing things it is still important to discuss some of the best trends that are emerging for the upcoming Summer season. Up first is what print is going to be big and if the runways are anything to go by, check print is going to reign supreme and it won’t be for the first time. It seems that check trousers are being carried over from the Autumn, but in a variety of brighter colours. They look amazing with a few of the classic pieces  I previously mentioned. For example, we’d go for a brilliant white cami top with some check print cigarette trousers and topped of with a trench coat for when the temperatures drop.

Another trend that is a bit shock and awe but amazing is the transparent trend. Think transparent clutch bags (makes sure you haven’t got anything to hide) and transparent jackets (brilliant if you’re heading to glastonbury or any other festival in the UK). They are stylish and allow you to show your outfit oiff even when you’re wearing a jacket. I know, mind blow, right? 

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