Wear Trainers for Any Occasion

The fashion merry go round never stops turning and trends come and go. The biggest trends of the season come slip away never to be seen again and some stand the test of time. The same applies for colours and shades. Some stick around like neutral tones and primary colours and then you get pastel shades such as lilac that are huge one season then fade away the next. This means the hardcode fashionistas out there tend to go back in time and try to bring back certain styles and silhouettes. The newest trend to make a return is sneakers and trainers.

Once only considered acceptable for the gym or when participating in sport has evolved into something quite special. This evolution means that sneakers are now fair game for pretty much any occasion.

How to wear sneakers…to the workplace
For sneakers to be acceptable to wear in the office you need to make sure they are in good condition (and that your boss allows it). Go for white or black to keep it simple and make sure they look like you’ve just pulled them out the book. If not, don’t bother wearing them.

Wear them with a floral tea dress or some tailored, croppeds trousers if your office requires you to be a bit more formal. Make sure they are the focal point of your outfit. Don’t try to hide them . You want them to be on show and taking centre stage.

How to wear sneakers…for a hot date
If you want to give that ‘I like you but I am playing cool’ sort of look then some chunky dad sneakers should be your go to footwear. Mom jeans are the perfect accompaniment and a bomber jacket would finish the outfit off nicely. Go for an embroidered bomber jacket for extra fashion style points.


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