I stumbled across a really old outfit on the blog the other day and realised how much I still liked it – in fact I thought to myself that I’d totally wear it again.

Generally my reaction to anything I wore more than three or four years ago is one of horror, but as I liked this outfit from 2017 so much I thought I should go through my outfit archives to see if there were any others that also caught my eye. There were actually more than I thought, and it was quite interesting to see how my style has changed in some respects, but not in others. What it DID do was to remind me about certain pieces I still love and should wear again (with the exception of the many clothes I can no longer fit into, but that’s another story) – I guess this is what they call shopping your wardrobe… I should do it more!

Seeing old outfits – as opposed to just seeing old clothes in your wardrobe – can remind you of great ways to wear things. So if you’re not a fashion blogger it’s a great idea to document your outfits with a quick photo to give you that visual reminder of how to put things together (and as I’ve always said trust the CAMERA, not the mirror) rather than blankly looking at things hanging in your closet when you’re desperately trying to put an outfit together. I’d rather look at pictures of complete outfits and change them up a little than pull a thousand pieces out my wardrobe and try them ALL on!

In the end I actually found quite a few outfits I still really liked and would TOTALLY wear again (I’ll save the others for another post another time). My theory was that they had to be from at least three years ago to be classed as “old”, and to feature in this post I went with outfits relevant for this time of year, i.e height of Summer. So more playsuits and dresses, and sandals and sliders

I’ve also researched for alternatives for you to shop similar pieces so you can either recreate the basics of the outfits or just choose a similar single piece.

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