Check Me Out

Spring is upon us, even if the weather say otherwise, and this means we get to plan our Spring/Summer wardrobe. When planning your new wardrobe it is important to have a few classic staples in there that you can pair with pretty much any new styles you’re going to add. The most classic prints should always be a mainstay of your wardrobe regardless of the season or time of year, and what’s more classic than a check print. It stretches back centuries, which says a lot about its popularity throughout the decades. Plaid, tartan and gingham are the most famous check prints but there are some amazing varieties out there. Need some styling tips? We’ve got your back…check our list out below.

Work It Out

Is your unofficial office uniform a boxy blazer and pencil skirt combo? Mine too! Elevate yours to the next level by going for a checked print pencil skirt. Kep the look on trend by opting for a tan coloured, fringe bag.

Colour Me Bright

If colour is your thing then go for a vibrant coloured check print and pair it with a bold cable knit sweater. Throw in some neon coloured heels and go for some accessories in the same highlighter hue. We would go for a mock croc skin bag to really go all in with the clashing print trend.

Hodge Podge

Not a fan of all over print party dresses? If that’s you then try and add little bits of the print here and there as a starting point. Layering your outfit would give you a chance to show a slight bit of check print but keeping the outfit more tonal. A colour block trench with checked lining and collar could be a great start.



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