Another Day, Another Denim

Fashion is an ever changing cycle, where trends come and go, but there a few wardrobe staples that stand the test of time, season, after season. The classic trench coat, white t-shirts and a chunky knit sweater are other classic pieces that will always be mainstays of every ladies closet. But there is one style that will always be the queen of womens fashion…a good pair of jeans.

We have has a love affair with jeans for decades and the love only grows stronger as more fits, cuts and colours come into the fold. We love all jeans, whether it be, hand me downs, a vintage pair or a pair your simply cannot part with but nothing compares to a pair of designer jeans. I know designer jeans are out of most peoples budgets (mine included) but don’t worry, there are some amazing alternatives that can be found on the high street.


This is a twist on the classic blue dye jeans. This contemporary take on a classic has been embraced with open arms and you  an pretty much find any colour on the spectrum if you look hard enough. Our recommendation? Crimson red.


When you see a flared cut jean, you wouldn’t be laughed at for thinking you’d been teleported to the swinging sixties. Don’t be worried about wearing a classic cut as the fashion world love a nod to days gone by. Slim fitting on the thighs and wide at the bottom. They look great with a block heel mule.


This is one of the biggest trends to make a comeback in recent years. It was called the mom jean, due to its popularity with middle aged women. Comfy cool and stylish. They look great with ankle boots and a cropped sweatshirt. If you think showing your midriff is going to be a problem then opt for a high waisted pair.

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