Another Day, Another Denim

Fashion may be fickle, but the pieces that underpin a stylish wardrobe remain consistent. White T-shirts, ankle boots and trench coats are all mainstays of a capsule closet, and reigning supreme above them all is your old friend and confidante: a good pair of denim jeans.

Invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873, the typically blue, cotton-rich trousers are woven into the very fabric of human history. From workers to movie stars via rebel rousers and thousands of catwalk shows, jeans are the clothing of the people.

We love jeans. Whether they be high street, vintage and hand-me-down denim, there’s nothing we like quite as much as a designer pair. If designer brands are out of your budget then don’t worry. Some of the high street brands of today are really producing some fantastic denim jeans that look designer when dressed up with the right outfit.


Emblematic of the sexy nonchalance of borrowing clothes from your lover, the boyfriend jeans have gained exceptional popularity in the past five years. They are characterised by a low-slung, loose-fitting design that tapers towards the ankle.


Going against the grain of the standard and traditional blue, jeans dyed in various colours are a fun and contemporary spin on the century-old style. The colour to try this season? Tomato red.


Artfully ripped, worn and dishevelled, distressed jeans are the perfect foil to polished high heels.


Synonymous with the nineteen-seventies, flared jeans are still big news thanks to their flattering design. Slim fitting at the thighs, flares give way to a proportion-balancing volume towards the hem.


Enjoying a resurgence in the past two years, ‘mom’ jeans are named so due to their popularity with mothers in the nineteen-eighties and nineties. Reminiscent of the era of Thelma and Louise and Friends, mom jeans are comforting and cool.


Pure, undiluted denim, straight leg strides are the ultimate in modern basic wear. Choose a pair of these and rotate your entire wardrobe around their timeless axis.


Ubiquitous since 2005, skinny jeans have come to define this century in fashion. Versatile and transcendent of trends, they are the bread and butter of a modern wardrobe.

With so many cuts, washes and trends to choose from, you’d be forgiven for wanting to have a pair of each.

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