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How To Style Patterned Pants I will be the first to admit it has taken me a while to join the patterned pants crew but better late than never! I have moved past the idea that they are “clown pants” and now I have never looked back, my wardrobe is full of printed pants. They […]

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Spring is upon us, even if the weather say otherwise, and this means we get to plan our Spring/Summer wardrobe. When planning your new wardrobe it is important to have a few classic staples in there that you can pair with pretty much any new styles you’re going to add. The most classic prints should always be a mainstay of your wardrobe regardless of the season or time of year, and what’s more classic than a check print. It stretches back centuries, which says a lot about its popularity throughout the decades. Plaid, tartan and gingham are the most famous check prints but there are some amazing varieties out there. Need some styling tips? We’ve got your back…check our list out below.


The Corduroy Comeback

There are a few trends that are no longer considered cool in the fashion world, but now times are changing. It has long been associated with old geography teacher unofficial uniform, with them sporting corduroy blazer jackets with leather elbow patches. But the time to change is now! Corduroy is making a comeback and we are very excited about it.


On Ya Bike (Shorts)

The Kardashians have a lot to answer for. They have brought some awful trends to the forefront but sometimes they bring some really interesting styles into the limelight. Kim K seemed to reignite the cycling short craze when she stepped out in a nude coloured pair with Kanye a few months back. If Kim K wears it, street stylers often follow suit. Cycle shorts have also hit the runways and featured heavily in many designers collections. Neon seems to be the new colour of choice for a more casual affair bit of course black is the go to colour for a dressier event.

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Cardigans: The new hoody?

The hoody was once the go to style that most ladies would wear while relaxing or going out to do something casual. Times change and now Cardigans are becoming the topper of choice. They are fantastic for layering, come in some amazing fabrics and are very versatile.


Pastels aren’t Just for Summer

When every season comes along, new colours are brought into the fold. In the Springtime it’s normally subtle hints of pastel colours that take centre stage or more neutral, earthy tone that are normally the go to in Autumn/Winter. There’s nothing I love more than to shake things up in the wardrobe and introduce some beautiful new shades. These unwritten rules of what colours you can wear, when, have been forgotten about.